Quick update: the Blue Yankees had our best. game. ever. last night. Our big slugger, Sunhyok K., hit three triples, our gutsy utility player Lexi A. kept her head up despite being out three times on the bases through no fault of her own; Matt "the Iceman" D. held it down; Sammy still swinging like David Eckstein but saved at least two home runs through hustle in LF...oh very satisfrying.

How will I hear the new Missy album, when I have no cash and no opportunity to get to the wrecka sto before any time soon? Grr. A lot of people have it slated as album of the year so far. I have a little list myself, but it consists mostly of records that you guys have never heard, like Indian movie soundtracks and classical/blues hybrids and jazz organists and stuff from the Czech Republic, like that. Oh, and Brooke Valentine, rowr.

Review of Saul Zonana album in PopMatters today, check it out. I'm so far behind on reviews it's disgusting. Don't barf.

You know that Philip Sherburne is the coolest guy in the world, but you didn't know that he's back from Spain with pictures. Now you do.

Who's reading this thing, anyway?


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me! i got your ass on an rss feed!

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