oh man under the gun at work, hoping to get away for an extra-special romantic weekend somewhere, yipes

new missy elliott is probably as great as music gets these days, koo koo bananas all over the place, satisfyingly weird and cool and attention-lusting, oh missy we luv U again

sammy got hit by a kid in his day camp yesterday, water bottle at point blank range, big thing under his eye, hope it's not a scar or something, scary

super-scary, the london bombings, hope all of you and yours are safe

okay back to the grind


blackmail is my life said...

Just happened to stop by here today - good to see that you're still among us. Of course, I've been A.W.O.L. myself.

Al Shipley said...

I just kind of clicked back here at random not expecting to see anything new. pleasant surprise!