Yesterday: massive headache strikes during 4th of July party! OMG! Everyone cooing over wife's cousin's new baby, people laughing and drinking and joking and eating my kick-ass ancho salsa, and me hunched in a corner massaging my forehead. Eventually it passed, and watched Elver Park fireworks out the window. Something primal about fireworks, not sure I can put my finger on it. Cool as hell though.

Night before: dinner with Bob T., whom I haven't seen since high school. Great guy, took me under his wing when I was a lonely sophomore on the varsity football team; by the end of the season we were cruising 82nd in his Chevy Impala (which we called the "Mexicruiser," very un-PC for white guys); we double-dated at prom with hot babes, etc. A great guy. Finally learned that one of the other reasons that everybody hated me freshman year was that I had dated Stephanie M., another hot babe. Damn, we only dated for like two months, and then guys stalked me and tried to lure me into fights for another year and a half! High school, wtf. The other reason for the hatred of me, of course, was that I was different. (sniff) Oh, yeah, and the fact that I bumped shoulders once with Tim S., who then got all of his friends to hate me for YEARS.

Anyway, Bob T., top guy of all time. His wife awesome too.

I have to destroy my iPod playlist tonight, in an attempt to be able to load songs on it again. 3000 songs and we're back to zero. I love it, but I hate it a little too. Should I be rockist about it and only load "important" albums? Poppist, and load only "insignificant" records? Comments, as always, appreciated but not expected.

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