pasta puttanesca

flying down the hill
at an insane rate of speed:
blue saucer, white snow

oh my gawd, you want to know what is the best thing ever, well i'll tell you. emma and sammy and i went to jefferson hill at jefferson junior high this morning and went sledding. we have never done this before today, so apparently i have been an AWFUL FATHER; it rocked so hard. sammy and his new blue plastic one-man disc sled, emma in the good old family black one (pretty much just a thin synthetic sheet of death), me helping them carry their sleds back up the hill and occasionally taking a turn out there, too much ballast to really get it good, but i have to keep my hand in there. anyway: i love winter and wisconsin again, at least till next snowfall or next hands-cracking-and-bleeding incident or next -13 with the wind chill

man i hate the wind chill. the wind chill is a pretty good band name though. others: the infamous blackguards, the empty superlatives (a phrase lobbed at me by chuck e. more than once), the reveal. OH MAN i love that last one, don't steal if you love me.

reviews to peruse:
Chingo Bling;
Lil Jon;
Ahmed Ma Hlad;
Motion Trio;
some others later.

man i'm tired, that sledding wiped me out.


and we're back!

AIM message
from my friend so far away:
'it's cold and dark here'

okay I was just saying to rob g the other day that I was gonna quit this thing, I said it to ethan too, they both laughed at me, they were like 'dude you have like five already, what the hell'

but I ain't goin' out like that, I'm like willis reed, except I hate the knicks

so here's the deal

technically, a "haibun" is supposed to be a terse autobiographical narrative of one's journey somewhere, or through life, punctuated by haiku

(here are some good reviews of some good ones)

so this hasn't always been that, and I'd just quit in shame, except that this is one of the first google hits for the term

so I'm a-gonna keep on it, talking about my life, politics, books, movies, and music, punctuated by haiku

it's not for me, it's for the kids, it's all for the kids

also I have had a lot of coffee

I love anyone who reads this thing, thanks for coming back, dig the new link section, paz y luz

somewhere in the snow
lies my cellphone ringing soft
she will call again


public service announcement

hey I'm just gonna focus on some other blogs for a while. I'll be back in a bit when I have something to say.


"Lli Fat Mat" ("What Is Past Is Dead and Gone")

I swear to God that I'll do some site upgrades this weekend; y'know, links and stuff like that. I wish I'd saved them from my old template, but that's the way the tofu slithers.

PopMatters printed my piece on Luiz Gayotto, put it right up top where it deserves to be. This is a seriously wonderful piece of music and was on my top ten list before getting bumped, last-minute-style.

Did you ever write something that you thought was really good? Or, if not good, at least provocative? Or, if not provocative, at least interesting enough to get feedback on?

I wish I had something more interesting to say. Life has been a whirlwind of work and family and trying desperately to sleep. O sleep.


100 Words About My Wild Slovak Soul.

A package from Prague, from Premyl, who runs a label;
he wants me to review some of their new albums.

The music is wacky, wild, weird, wonderful in its world-view;
Romany music mixed with punk, rock, funk, Arabic, jazz, hip-hop.

I love it like a long-lost brother, like learning language;
It speaks to my inner gypsy, my wild Slovak soul.

If John Cibula, a century ago, hadn't escaped from Europe,
with only his bass fiddle packed with money he'd earned
playing in a "gypsy orchestra" (so the family story goes),
this music would soundtrack my wild Slovak alternate life! Hyje!


Yes, this has been a preview of what you can find over at 36,500 Words. I'm really happy with how it's turning out so far, but I shan't pimp it more than this. I'm going to be reviewing all the discs for various publications (best is Traband's album Hyje! (which is approximately equal to "Giddy-up" as far as I can tell), but I had to give 'em all a shoutout in here anyway.

Best song in the whole world right now: "Amateur," by Molotov. This is their rock-hop cover of "Rock Me Amadeus," and it's brilliant, with raps in Spanish and English and some real Monterrey muscle behind the riff; maybe nothing could touch the original for sheer riff-power, but this version also doesn't make one cringe at its horrible lyrics and suck-up premise.

True reason for this song being genius, though, is the video. Tall skinny albino Fabio is coached by his manager, Mufasa, to win some kind of surreal hot-dog-based championship. Great slow-mo shots of Fabio trying to catch airborne franks in his mouth, awesome payoff, etc. I won't give away the ending, but let's just say that when Sammy beat his uncle Tim in "Sammy Chess" (very similar to T.E.G.W.A.R.* in Bang the Drum Slowly in that Sammy always gets to win), he stood up and sang "oh oh OH, oh oh OH OH! oh oh OH, oh oh OH OH!" Smells like victory. Best single of 2005 so far.

*The Exciting Game Without Any Rules. Boo-ya-ka-sha, respek, safe.


soy nuts

yeah, some way to run a blog, huh? I was all like "oh yeah new attitude" and now it's all like "that attitude is LAX". I'll do up some links soon, just wanted to know what life would be like without it

interesting things
1. I think I'm joining Stylus, more to follow

2. I've already heard one album in 2005 that would have made onto my 2004 Top Ten list if I'd heard it in time: Molotov's Con Todo Respeto. Best cover of "Rock Me Amadeus" ever.

3. If you have a Salon.com subscription, you should read the lead article today about the double Demo bendover yesterday. Alberto Gonzales is a huge suckhole of Reagan/Bush/Bush "I don't remember"-ism, and will MARK MY WORDS be a worse attorney general than John Ashcroft. Barbara Boxer, you are now in the Senatorial Top Ten of all time. Everyone else, you suck and I won't miss you. (And if you don't have a Salon sub, dude, it's not that expensive, just do it, they're pretty reliably good with everything they do, which doesn't mean I agree with everything, but still.)

4. I am sad that Wigu, one of my fave internet comics, has come to an end. But not that sad, because Jeffrey R. is still allegedly doing Overcompensating, and is starting a new strip on Jan 17. Long live Janitor Darrell!

5. Ronaldinho was voted FIFA Player of the Year for 2004, over even godlike human Thierry Henry. This is good because it shakes things up a bit. It is also good because Ronaldinho is a GOD AMONG MEN.

6. Quick explanation of 36,500 Words: every day of 2005 I will post up a new 100-word poem. I invented this exotically-named poetic form, only to find that other poets had already done it, even in Madison. Which is teh suck. But anon.

7. My head looks like a big rectangle so I'm getting a haircut tomorrow.

8. It has snowed 11 inches this week. So so far this winter we have had 12 Inches of Snow.

peace and war, hate and love, ambiguity and straightforwardness


tofu skewers and champagne

New destination for you: 36,500 Words.

We're back up at The Daily Seventeen.

New life, new world, new way of thinking.