and we're back!

AIM message
from my friend so far away:
'it's cold and dark here'

okay I was just saying to rob g the other day that I was gonna quit this thing, I said it to ethan too, they both laughed at me, they were like 'dude you have like five already, what the hell'

but I ain't goin' out like that, I'm like willis reed, except I hate the knicks

so here's the deal

technically, a "haibun" is supposed to be a terse autobiographical narrative of one's journey somewhere, or through life, punctuated by haiku

(here are some good reviews of some good ones)

so this hasn't always been that, and I'd just quit in shame, except that this is one of the first google hits for the term

so I'm a-gonna keep on it, talking about my life, politics, books, movies, and music, punctuated by haiku

it's not for me, it's for the kids, it's all for the kids

also I have had a lot of coffee

I love anyone who reads this thing, thanks for coming back, dig the new link section, paz y luz

somewhere in the snow
lies my cellphone ringing soft
she will call again

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