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yeah, some way to run a blog, huh? I was all like "oh yeah new attitude" and now it's all like "that attitude is LAX". I'll do up some links soon, just wanted to know what life would be like without it

interesting things
1. I think I'm joining Stylus, more to follow

2. I've already heard one album in 2005 that would have made onto my 2004 Top Ten list if I'd heard it in time: Molotov's Con Todo Respeto. Best cover of "Rock Me Amadeus" ever.

3. If you have a Salon.com subscription, you should read the lead article today about the double Demo bendover yesterday. Alberto Gonzales is a huge suckhole of Reagan/Bush/Bush "I don't remember"-ism, and will MARK MY WORDS be a worse attorney general than John Ashcroft. Barbara Boxer, you are now in the Senatorial Top Ten of all time. Everyone else, you suck and I won't miss you. (And if you don't have a Salon sub, dude, it's not that expensive, just do it, they're pretty reliably good with everything they do, which doesn't mean I agree with everything, but still.)

4. I am sad that Wigu, one of my fave internet comics, has come to an end. But not that sad, because Jeffrey R. is still allegedly doing Overcompensating, and is starting a new strip on Jan 17. Long live Janitor Darrell!

5. Ronaldinho was voted FIFA Player of the Year for 2004, over even godlike human Thierry Henry. This is good because it shakes things up a bit. It is also good because Ronaldinho is a GOD AMONG MEN.

6. Quick explanation of 36,500 Words: every day of 2005 I will post up a new 100-word poem. I invented this exotically-named poetic form, only to find that other poets had already done it, even in Madison. Which is teh suck. But anon.

7. My head looks like a big rectangle so I'm getting a haircut tomorrow.

8. It has snowed 11 inches this week. So so far this winter we have had 12 Inches of Snow.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the fact that Henry's never been World Player of the Year -- or even European Player of the Year? That still feels all kinds of wrong to me.


Anthony Miccio said...

Joining Stylus? WOOOOO!

Matt said...

amd: yeah, that euro player thing this year was bullshit, and henry should have won last year.

ant: oh yeah baby, crunk juice to follow