a tall cup of coffee and arsenal up 1-0, come on jay-jay

1. Please stop what you're doing and go read Sam's latest entry. It will make you cry, I think, unless you're not human. I had a kid like that, when I taught jr. high, except without the musical talent. Hell, just go read her whole damn blog. She's en fuego these days.

2. Mory Kante, Sabou. Chingo Bling, The Tamale Kingpin. Superaquello, Mu Psiqui Ta. Cristina Branco, Sensus. Sly and the Family Stone, A Whole New Thing and Dance to the Music. The Color Guard, Dark Pop. Angie Stone, Stone Love. Issa Bagayogo, Tassoumakan. Los Tigres del Norte, Pacto de Sangre. Yolanda Perez, "Cuando." Skye Sweetnam, Noise from the Basement. Don Omar, The Last Don: Live. Polo Urias y su Maquina Nortena, En la Cumbre. Don Byron, Ivey-Divey. Martin Gordon, The Joy of More Hogwash. Straylight Run, Straylight Run. Anastacia Azevedo, Amanaiara. Little Axe, Champagne and Grits. Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar, Ruke: La Comedie des Sens. Cerrito, Love Me Forever Today. Bort Lenk, Bort Lenk Iss Da. Betzaida, Betzaida. Tin Hat Trio, Book of Silk. Bronco, Sin Riendas. Carlinhos Brown, Alfagamabetizado. Some others.

3. Last night, after seeing "Cellular," which you should only see if you have no expectations whatsoever and then it'll be fun, dialogue from Liza's mom's house when we went to go pick up the children.
Liza: "So you know how babies are made, but do you know how it works?"
Emma: "Well, yeah...well, no. I mean, the penis, y'know..."
Liza: "?"
Emma: "It changes."
Liza: "How?"
Emma: [knowing full well the impact of her answer, which is meant to be a joke:] "It lights up."
Everyone in Room: [laughter]
Sam: "That would be SO COOL."
Everyone in Room: [more laughter]

4. It's now final, 2-2, no goals for Jay-Jay but one assist. Couldn't watch the rest of the game, as the kids are watching Spongebob. Time to go now, Emma and Sammy both have games this morning, we're going to see Karsh Kale and some African dudes play for free at the Memorial Union Terrace down on the University of Wisconsin campus.

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