brown basmati rice with black beans and green peppers

----Hey Matt where have you been
----Trying to live, man, trying to get by
----So you were too busy to drop us a note? What you think you all that now?
----Dude I'm telling you it's all jumping off right now, job's insane and great and frustrating and crazy and I like it, family life is busy busy busy, mom and stepdad and brother and his family coming to town, too much writing to do and I ain't done enough of it, etc.
----No excuse though
----What you didn't read the penultimate post around here, Operation Shutdown is coming
----I don't even know what that means
----Me neither really, but it's on and like soon
----Does that mean no more Haibun
----Probably not
----What about The Freelance Mentalists
----Not sure
----The Daily Seventeen
----That will remain in place forever
----Freaky Trigger
----Does it mean you'll stop whoring yourself out to websites that want you to write about music for free discs or minor money
----I don't know
----Will you stop writing for big money
----Hellz no
----Do you feel like you're getting the big brushoff from certain music criticism outlets
----Hellz yes but I think that's just paranoia
----And what of this novel
----I'm considering writing it in installments on the Internet, on a different blogsite, so I can get feedback and so I am pressured to write the freakin' thing
----What if people hate it
----They won't, I'm good like that (and people are polite) (mostly)
----What if you hate it
----Then I'll just get better that's all
----How long have you wanted to be a published novelist
----Only the last 32 years
----But you're only 38
----No shit, what are you Rain Man
----Man this is on some "T.I. Vs. T.I.P." shazzbat
----By the way why are Govt Names and Tom B all down on T.I.?
----I guess one has to pick sides in this world, not sure why, one of the reasons I am convinced that blogging ain't my game
----And novel-ing is
----Well family first duh
----No doy
----Then happiness, then writing, then eating and communication and fantasy basketball
----I'm terminating this stunt entry. Just put up or shut up
----Word. Hi to all to whom I've been non-communicative, I love you very much


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