veggie burger, organic tater tots

some stuff I did:
A. Drove down from Madison to Chicago with my brother Jeff* to see our brother Tim, who was there for a convention. Wild debauchery, which for us meant drinking Guinness in an Irish pub and watching the BC game on TV and then going out again to Rush Street only to decide that the hotel room and some MGD was more fun. First time we'd all been together since our dad's third wedding when we were all freaking out and Jeff hit Tim with a sandwich. No sandwiches in Chicago. Tim and his family are coming out in two weeks for a few days, re-reunion. Family IS important.

*Partial soundtrack of total trip: Parliament, Osmium; Ray Charles, Genius Loves Company; Big and Rich, Horse of a Different Color; Bersuit Vergabarat, La Argentinidad Al Palo (second disc); Con Funk Shun, The Ballads Collection (removed after one track, too slow); Funkadelic, Funkadelic; Inspector, Unidad, Cerveza, y Ska.

B. Wrote some reviews that got published finally. To wit: Afroman, Angie Stone. (Warning about the last one: Music-critic.com has some hella popups going right now.)

C. Decided once and for all to start closing it down, internet-wise. Operation Shutdown has begun.

some stuff I'm gonna do:
D. Write a novel.

E. Lose ten more pounds.

F. Be happy.

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