a big huge salad and a steiner bock

we clink our glasses
and square off in madden
football 2004

My brother's family's been in town and staying with us, hence the no entries. It was great seeing them, great to see my mom who was in town too; I miss my family. But I'm very exhausted from the visit and I'm not denying some hangover action either.

I pluck three great discs,
because I am Zen like that,
from the dollar bin

Good things lately: Hall and Oates Abandoned Luncheonette; Eek-a-Mouse Eek-o-nomics; Domenico + 2 Sincerely Hot; Yolanda Perez Aqui Me Tienes (probably a top tenner). No one's posting my reviews anymore so forget that.

best laid plans yeah right,
if you want to write the thing
go and get your pen

There are a few new projects that I keep putting off for unknown and bogus reasons. One is my favorite 100 albums list that will probably "grace" this site or TFM as soon as I can whittle it down from ONE MILLION. Another is that novel I talked about, which I now know exactly how to do, once I'm not so exhausted. Man my job is brutal like that. Last week I did stories about presidential debates, Tom DeLay, and the nation of Ecuador. For next week: the candidates' education plans, the archeologists who discovered Genghis Khan's palace, the Nobel Prizes, and some other stuff.

better get to sleep
before you fall off that couch.
I mean it dude, now

So we just get along. I'll shout out when I don't feel as wiped as a baby's ass. Peece.

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