lemon spinach couscous with red beans

Me, about Dani Siciliano, in PopMatters, which doesn't get enough credit as a great online culture magazine.

David R. is apparently writing poetry now. Better bring the heat, Popshots, that's all I'm saying.

And OMG you need to see this, Trife-dog IM'ed me about it, I had no idea. I think it's great and hilarious and often wrong but wonderfully so...yet I had a huge moral dilemma linking to it because they ain't link to me "because the best blogs have the fewest links." So screw it. But read it, it's dope-osity even though E and I have had a lot of fights about music. He's the bomb-throwing Turgenev protagonist of our little critical circle-club, and Minna is kick-ass too.

I'm not the biggest fan of Mike Lucas' writing, but he breaks an important story here... or did everyone else know about the whole Moises Alou urine thing and I just wasn't paying attention? Because if so, I am sorry; if not, better recognize; either way, ew.

And I think we can all assume that my not linking to Douglas Wolk before now has just been due to jealousy.

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