results of the Haibun Best Friend contest, america yawns

haha "america"

Anyway, our winner is the wonderful Ellen N. of New York City, who was the only entrant in the contest. Ellen and I were best buds at college for a while, but had fallen out of touch for years until she discovered me this week through the link at Caleb's blog. Her winning entry, in economical haiku form:

leverett and loeb
youth is wasted on the young
friends once - now again?

(Inside Harvard-specific reference in first line, kinda spooky that it echoes gay thrill-kill duo) So, now that I'm back in touch with the great Ellen N., and her husband Sam and daughter Isabelle, this damned weblog has done ONE GOOD THING and can be retired at any moment without notice.

Runner-up: Anthony Miccio, who wrote to tell me that he would have entered the contest except that he already has a best friend. Hey, I don't wanna come between people and their actual real-life best friends.

Tied for last: all the rest of y'all, who suck.

But I'm busy listening to Cypress by Let's Active, so I just don't care about anything bad. This was my favorite tape the year I met Ellen N. The circle is completed.

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