popcorn, oxygen, purple rain

A world of everlasting happiness, you can always see the sun. Day. Or night.

The trees here don't whisper so much as stand around waiting for instructions. I got nothin for em, some better elemental will step up. I'm too busy trying to see my own soul in their green-on-green, fool's errand I know, I oughta know by now. But the sun IS piercing my defenses like a Bobby Fischer bishop! The chill wind really IS a ghost message! Isn't it? Aren't there, then, to be any signs or significations at all?

Just don't break up the connection.

Sunflower seed salt still on my tongue, all the coffee in the world can't wake it up. Hair in some strange configuration, try to fix it in bathroom mirror, give it up who cares, there's no point anyway. That's not why I'm here. Why am I here. Where is this "here." What is this "I." Dissolve. Reveal. Pull back for the reveal. Stay tuned for the reveal.

Paint a perfect picture, bring to life a vision in one's mind.

They gather around me, I tell them what they need to do is listen to themselves, be tuned in to the internal frequency. I say that Very Good is doing what you're told but that Great is doing because you want to, doing it on your own. The levels here are great and many and murky but I don't think about them, I'm on autopilot, it's the right message even if I don't follow it perfectly myself, no guru ever turns out to have clean hands. And my sins are minor, not even sins. Just hypocrisy, just fear, that's all.

There must be something wrong with the machinery.

Skin is the best antenna. I'm receiving transmissions, my cave-self would be able to interpret them, best I can figure is that I'm separated from something I used to love and can't understand why. Logic is the worst enemy, it tells me that I have never been in that state of grace, always running scared of something, temporary patches and bypasses cannot work forever. That's what music has been, trying to find a fortress or at best dry land, high land in the hard rain, a vantage point, a bluff. Wow there's a word for ya. Bluff.

The castle started spinning or maybe it was my brain.

They smile, I smile, we all smile. There are pictures, signatures, kind words, goodbyes. I walk down a path, whatever that is, and see someone sitting alone. That was always me. But when I look, it's not really me, it's someone else. She's staring into the woods and writing something. I walk around her, trying not to impose myself into her vista.

Dream if you can a courtyard.

The path ends, a parking lot begins, my car waits. No it doesn't. But what is it doing then? How then to describe it? Oh who cares about all this crap anyway. Keys in, vroom, crank up music. Return to where I need to be. Traffic is fast and I am part of it. My speed is neither legal nor kind. I am coming home.

No need to worry, no need to cry.

Things blow away when you drive real fast. I can feel the scales falling from my eyes. I can see clearly now. What I see is this truck ahead. What I see are yellow lines in the road. What I see are my own bloodshot eyes in the rearview mirror. What I hear is music I haven't listened to in a long time. It makes me happy.

Hey check it all out, better look now or it just might be too late.

See I don't know what it's all about. I never did. If I ever implied differently I'm sorry. If I ever understood anything let me learn to un-understand it. I disown all my words, all my phrases, everything I ever put together to be clever or because I thought it helped me learn the narrative. I have a lot to learn. I'm going to start learning it now.

Honey I know times are changing. Time to reach out for something new.

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