ephemerata I
1. Great article about my favorite modern playwright, John Arden. I firmly believe that I could stage a version of "The Waters of Babylon" that would clean your clock for ye something proper.

2. Ever seen Scary Go Round? The new story starts today....

3. MC David Rees en la casa. 2 furious 4 U.

4. I am very proud of this review yes I am.

5. This one is pretty good too.

6. I have been accused of not liking salsa. I don't NOT like salsa. I just don't understand why it (or Cuban music) is inherently better than all other forms of Latin music. But I am not a salsa-hata. Just to clear that up.

7. Other critics rating El Gran Silencio highly: Scott Seward and Ben Ratliff. Love them guys. Also Gustavo, but you knew that already.

8. Oh and all of you in the five oh thrizzy (all one of you, probably) need to check out my Canby buddy Jim's band Mellotone. January 17, at the White Eagle, opening for some other band who I don't know who they are. Jim's the nads, yo.

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