all is quiet on the day after New Year's Day*

early morning drive
all is still except for my

1. The best music to drive back from the Dane County Regional Airport after dropping off your inlaws: Marcos Valle, Contrasts.
2. The best album I didn't include on my Pazz and Jop ballot, to the extent that I'm considering trying to amend my list: Marcos Valle, Contrasts.
3. Best email spam names of the last week: Bunche J. Commander, Chowder B. Magnifier (tie).
4. Best decision made by me: stopping posting to ILX. More explanation: it was killing me, taking up time and emotional input that I don't have to give. I'm still lurking hard, though.
5. Best "Oh, BABY" email link sent to me by the great Gustavo: this one.
6. Best semi-Beatlesesque but also new wave album I've gotten with Christmas money: Skank, Cosmotron.
7. Worst bandname: Skank.
8. Worst album name: Cosmotron.
9. Worst bandname ever thought up by me in junior high school: Supernova.
10. Track #1 on Skank's album Cosmotron: "Supernova."
11. Best Mexican debut album of 2003 that I also got with my Christmas money (actually a Borders gift certificate from my moms, also responsible for the Marcos Valle album, which is a mutha): Natalia Lafourcade, Natalia Lafourcade.
12. Amount of shit I got from my wife for leaving "Hey Ya" off my VVoice singles list: a LOT.
13. Total amount of PS2 games I now own after getting the console for Xmas from my loving family: 4 (Need for Speed: Underground, Ratchet and Clank, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, and Activision Anthology).
14. Number of existential meltdowns I've had in 2004 so far: 1/2. (Not bad!)
15. Time I woke up to drive above-mentioned in-laws to airport this morning: 4:45 a.m.
16. Amount of wine I have had in the last week: way too freakin' much.
17. Most annoying habit of mine: letting alcohol lead me into sleep-deprived existential meltdowns.
18. Only person who deserves a mixtape from me after writing me an email: the aforementioned Gustavo. All the rest of y'all suck.

*worst. post. title. ever.

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