top 100 reasons that El Gran Silencio's Super Riddim Internacional Vol. 1 is the best album of the year, #'s 80-89

80. The scratching and programming is often done by DJ Macojazz. This is really Tony Hdz. under a fake name. He used to call himself DJ Guarachascratch or something when he did this, but DJ Macojazz is better.

81. Cano now calls himself Cano "Capricornio" Hernandez. Lotta mystique and game playing here.

82. Two more songs in Tony's "Tonta Cancion de Amor" ("Stupid Love Song") series: "Sueno" ("Dream") and "Sabes" ("You Know"). Sweetness is all part of Chuntaro style.

83. "Sueno" opens with some gawdawful noise, like Tony's being awakened from his sueno. He yells "Haaaaaaagaaaaaan silencio!" twice ("Be quiet!") through this noise, which is a play on the group's name as well as a warning to the listener to chill the hell out and not expect any of the jumpy-jumpy coming up, and then explains why: "Estoy sonando," which echoes in the mix...I'm dreaming...: Avant gardiness!

84. And then the ballad kicks in and it's so tender you wanna cry and thank Tony for believing in love, no, for living for love, for needing love so bad, for writing stupid songs about love, please more, let this series of tonta canciones de amor go on forever.

85. They've all gotten fat.

86. They all wear matching track suits with "Comando Ruffmix" stenciled on them, like the Clash.

87. They wear these suits in the "Super Riddim Internacional" video, which depicts some secret political rave in the middle of nowhere, all the sexy kids dancing and anti-war messages projected in the background and Tony's wearing some sort of weird wig and Cano busts up his own song both singing and rapping, "muevete muevete" and "sigame sigame" ("move it" and "follow me," damn I hope my Spanish is up to this), and the horn players have a little dance. This is justification enough for MTVEspanol.

88. The drum break in this song, followed by the horn players entering on the uno, the dos, the tres, "bah bah bah!" like a high school marching band.

89. At the end of the dedications: "A con todo nuestro carino y respete a Carlos Rivolta (Dusminguet), Jam Master Jay (Run-D.M.C), y a Joe Strummer (The Clash). Q.F.P.D."

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