top 100 reasons that El Gran Silencio's Super Riddim Internacional Vol. 1 is the best album of the year, #'s 90-100

90. They open with a track where a whole bunch of random Mexican people talk about how they don't like El Gran Silencio: "no me gusta".

91. This track is backed by the "Rock the Bells" sample.

92. Every band where brothers take turns writing songs is automatically great, and here the songs are split evenly between Cano Hernandez and Tony Hernandez, both with seven. (Accordionist Isaac "Campa" Valdez writes one.)

93. Every band with a full-time accordion player is automatically great, especially when it's Campa, who is the greatest rock and roll accordionist of all time.

94. Proof of that: His double-tracked solo during "Ingratos Corazones," playing against himself like Bowie did on saxophone in the album version of "Let's Dance," along with the great saxophone of Luis Rosales.

95. Further proof: The way Campa wails right before another Rosales solo during "Super Riddim Internacional," both of 'em wailing high and free.

96. Best packaging of the year: great shiny cover, generous photo/art/lyric/track info booklet that slides into a little slot. Design is Russian Futurist crossed with Trad Mex Stylee.

97. Stylee: these dudes LOVE reggae and hip-hop and cumbia, and see the automatic and deep connection between the three, but they might just love reggae or ska most of all. Their rapping was more rappy on Chuntaros Radio Poder but now it's more dancehall.

98. A lot of the credit for the riddim part needs to go to ace drummer Ezequiel Alvarado and bassist "Vulgar" Hernandez.

99. Every band with a bass player named "Vulgar" is automatically great.

100. I've heard that "Vulgar" has left the band. If this is true (and please let it NOT be true, oh please por favor), then they should replace him with another bass player and call HIM "Vulgar" (or HER "Vulgar," no sexism here). It should be like the Ramones and stuff.

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