top 100 reasons that El Gran Silencio's Super Riddim Internacional Vol. 1 is the best album of the year, #'s 70-79

70. Best picture in the booklet: two parts: a microphone in the place of the hammer and sickle: an eight-year-old Mexican girl flipping us all off.

71. "Pay attention, pay attention / Cumbia ragamuffin it's a nice combination" ("Songbomb")

72. "Con el rock steady de mi corazon / Le puse a escribir la misma cancion" ("Ayer")

73. "Watch me now, watch me now / Con el ritmo original ragamuffin style / My people fly, fly baby fly / Shalom, shalom, lord have mercy, bye bye" ("Sound System Municipal")

74. It's basically a concept album about rocking the fuck out by combining different musical styles and loving them all more than you love life itself.

75. Well, that's the upshot of most of Cano's songs, anyway. (Younger brothers!) Tony's songs are kind of about that plus other stuff too, like getting old ("Recuerdo y Lluvia") and remembering that your simple hardworking quotidian blue-collar life can be beautiful too ("Venadito Callejero"). But mostly about rocking the fuck out.

76. "No me importa la competicion / No me molesta ningun imitacion" ("Cumbiamuffin")

77. The expansion of sound they get on this record by employing Armando "Mata" Rivera on congas and La "Kalaka" on timbales really helps them out a lot. Chuntaros sounded nice and rich, like Walter Annenberg, but this one sounds almost evilly rich, like [insert name of despised billionaire here, there are a lot to choose from, dude from Tyco or something].

78. "Buenos Dias" welds Cano's beautiful slide guitar to a semi-drum'n'bass beat at the beginning, but then the beat drops down to half-speed and it turns into a pretty slow-jam where Cano is more talking than rapping, and it's all about how great their home city is: "It's a new day en mi Monterrey".

79. And then, just when you're getting used to this mellow sort of rumination, they keep doubling the beat back up for like a measure or two, then dropping it back down. At the end, it kicks back up for the outro boom boom BAP boop-ba-doop-ba-doop-BAP!

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