For the four or five people reading this, here's the deal:

We have been approved for adoption. (We already have two biological kids but we wanted one more and figured this would be the best way to do that.) We have seen pictures of our little daughter, who is currently waiting for us in the care center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is only four months old, and very tiny, but she already looks smart and cool and funny.

Needless to say, this will change our lives a whole lot. I plan to cut way down on anything that isn't parenting -- so long for unremunerated music writing, at least for a while -- so this might turn into a blog about her, or our adventures, or something. I'll post lots of pictures and all that, and probably write a lot about diapers and all that sappy stuff.

We could get the call really any time (could be today, but probably won't be), and then it's like "here's your travel date, get your tickets" and poof we're out of here. I will post that information when I get it. Because of laws, I can't put her pictures up here yet. But if you need one, email me and I'll hook you up.


Matt C.


Very circumspect
I must be these days until
the big announcement

Suffice it to say
(like anyone's reading this)
my life's gonna change*

*in a real good way


I'm sorry this is such a lame blog

I'm sorry I don't post more, or have more interesting opinions, or more readers, or more glamorous friends

I'm sorry I am so old without being more famous or richer

I'm sorry that I have never left North America

I'm sorry that I never actually reviewed that record you sent me, I probably liked it just fine but just ran out of time, gotta play catch with Sammy sometimes

I'm sorry I haven't cleaned up my office or the basement

I'm sorry I only own three Led Zeppelin albums on CD, four if you count the bootleg from my brother

I'm sorry to anyone I was ever mean to, usually indirectly because I'm passive-aggressive

I'm sorry if I ever cracked an offensive joke even if no one who heard it was directly affected by it

I'm sorry I am not closer to my brothers, I'm sorry I never visit my mother

I'm sorry U.S. people do not like to listen to music from Africa and South America

I'm sorry I weigh 20 pounds too much, maybe 25 some days

I'm sorry I have a lot of cheap clothes from Old Navy and not a lot of slightly-more-expensive clothes from Limited Men or something, I'm trying now that I'm wearing ties to work

I'm sorry I haven't made my company a million more dollars yet, I've been here long enough

I'm sorry I don't hate my life enough to radically change it

I'm sorry I don't appreciate my life more, it's actually pretty good

I'm sorry I don't show everyone I love how much I love them

I'm sorry I'm lazy, I'm sorry I like TV shows, I'm sorry I haven't written my breakthrough novel yet

I'm sorry I never asked out those girls in high school and college that I should have asked out

I'm sorry I am rooting for my favorite basketball teams to lose so they can get a better draft position

I'm sorry I didn't call my mom after her back surgery, I should have known "it's no big deal" was a big fat lie

I'm sorry I buy Blue Öyster Cult albums with cash when I feel sad instead of dealing with my feelings

But I'm not sorry about anything else so shut the hell up and let me work it out.


Lame predictions for baseball season, feel free to print and mock later


Boston Red Sox 94 - 68
New York Yankees 94 - 68 (WILD CARD)
Toronto Blue Jays 84 - 78
Baltimore Orioles 74 - 88
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 69 - 93

AL Central

Detroit Tigers 90 - 72
Chicago White Sox 85 - 77
Cleveland Indians 81 - 81
Minnesota Twins 81 - 81
Kansas City Royals 74 - 88

AL West

Anaheim Angels 85 - 77
Oakland Athletics 81 - 81
Texas Rangers 72 - 90

NL East

Atlanta Braves 85 - 77
New York Mets 85 - 77
Philadelphia Phillies 82 - 80
Florida Marlins 81 - 81
Washington Nationals 62 - 100

NL Central

Milwaukee Brewers 85 - 77 HOMER PICK
St. Louis Cardinals 84 - 78
Chicago Cubs 81 - 81
Pittsburgh Pirates 77 - 85
Houston Astros 76 - 86
Cincinnati Reds 71 - 91

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks 90 - 72
San Diego Padres 86 - 76 WILD CARD
Los Angeles Dodgers 81 - 81
Colorado Rockies 75 - 87
San Francisco Giants 73 - 89

I think Detroit will win the World Series. I am also insane.