Why didn't you bastards tell me that Cheap Trick's All Shook Up was re-released last year with good sound and bonus tracks? Is it too much to ask, people, that you keep me in the loop? Oh, wait -- 2007 is the year of Matt's Zen-like calm in the face of betrayal and calumny. Well, okay, I'll try. But come on, yo, Cheap Trick is clearly one of the great American bands, this was their "difficult" album (although really how "difficult" can it be when it's produced by George Martin?), why wasn't this massive news all over the musicsphere? Or were we too busy wringing our hands over [insert popular critical strawband here]? Grrr.

Anyway, it rocks. But I just found out that I have to spend my day doing all kinds of crazy stuff here at work so no more warmup exercises for me.

Woke up late again
So I'm eating cereal
at my desk again

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