I am trying to like you, "Dirt" on F/X, but I'm not sure it's going to work. First of all, I hate that your main character is named Lucy Spiller, "spill the dirt" lol no. Secondly, I hate the way Matthew Carnahan tries to do Hollywood dialogue, all "tweaked" and "you people need us" and all that, barf-ola. (I've said the same about Carnahan, prose-wise, before.) Thirdly, a show about tabloids is an interesting idea but it's just going to be disappointing, innit? And this whole dirty-dirty aesthetic, unhappy unpleasant characters equaling "edgy awesomeness," stolen from "Nip/Tuck"...yuck.

But wait, "Dirt," what are these curveballs you are throwing me? The two minor reporters sending each other text messages in the middle of the meeting, which we can read onscreen? CUTE. The psychotic paparazzo seeing visions of words floating out of people's mouths and talking cats? AWESOME. Rick Fox taking a strap-on for all it's worth? OH YEAH. And seeing Lily from "The 4400" except no longer an ancient lady but now a young hot morally ambiguous actress? YAY x100!

But using Shannyn Sassafrass this way? Boo. And then to end it with just another depressing-ass irrational thing that works out "ironically" was just for suck. So maybe it's just not gonna work out between us after all.

Why do I still care so much about TV? I'm supposed to be above all this -- I'm supposed to be communing with angels and devils, to be spending my wonderful huge brain on more refined things. But I don't. Instead I stay up until 12:30 watching crap shows and then end up writing...um...nothing much at all. Just this, my young friends, just these silly little words.

But at least I got to see Courteney Cox taser a guy in the nuts. That was pretty cool.

Too much input man
I need a week in the woods
to detoxify

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