one more day with me being under the gun, deal with it, unusual circumstances and all that

bobby abreu rocked the world last night, hope you saw it, the kids and I dancing all around the living room like we were venezuelan ourselves

"the closer" is a really good show, I think, mostly because of the "minor" characters, who are all very distinct in their own ways, the romance with jon tenney isn't very good though, no time, plus we all think he must have been a bad husband to poor sexy insane teri hatcher so we hate him

sorry to miss 'rock star' last night, someone tell me how it was

if you feel like linking to this thing go right ahead

love you all

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Carla C. said...

Ooooh I'm gonna link to you on my blog so that all my college buddies who have blogs can see yours and it'll be a great big blog in. Why do we do this?

I'm glad you're back.