man I just can't get my head around any music these days other than jazz and world and crazy r&b/rap stuff (Brooke, Missy, Mannie). that is no surprise, really; just wondering when I lost the will to rock. but what exactly is the point of chasing around genres I am not feeling at all? take, f'rinstance, country music, which I was MAD for last year at this time, and now am all like "eh" about. is it the music itself that has changed? is it me? does it matter?

report on the new my chemical romance video for "helena," with the insane lionel richie dancing at the funeral: liza doesn't like it, sam and I like it, emma didn't like it at first but likes the dead girl dancing ballet before dying again part. not sure what this means. also: sammy is VERY confused by what is going on in the video and song for gorillaz' "feel good, inc." I told him that a lot of people are confused by that, and that it was a mystery unlikely to be solved any time soon. he shot me a look but it's true and YOU KNOW IT.

be prepared for round about weill by gianluigi trovesi and gianni coscia to make an eventual and permanent appearance in the list at right. one accordion, one clarinet, lots of kurt weill songs, liner notes by umberto frickin' eco, who says "Weill is not to be touched, and above all you don't touch him unless you are Germans of the Weimar Republic playing him in some smoke-filled cabaret in Berlin between the two wars, preferably in the grip of Spartacist nostalgia and other heroic Brechtian passions." aw yeah. just last night I was telling the Hellfire Club about my new play idea: a sitcom focused on the young Bertolt Brecht, who is kind of a cross between the Fonz and Richie Cunningham. GANGSTA.


guile said...

you've got good taste in music :)..

Anonymous said...

how did you get into so much latin music? i think that's really cool.
Judging by your tastes I think you'd dig my band Pistolera (www.pistolera.net).

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