1. Absolutely LOVING "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox, it's just "American Idol" with dancing and even more British judges but it's hot anyways, because the dancers are good and we can all watch together and Sammy can do breakdancing spins on the living room floor. I have to rent "Breakin'" for him sometime or "Krush Groove," so he can see how it's done. Any additional suggestions should go into the comments section below.

2. This is less a blog than a LiveJournal. I'm okay with that.

3. Now that Man City has lost SWP, there isn't really anyone on that club that I love, other than maybe Kiki Musampa and Bradley Wright-Phillips. Oh, and Sun Jihai is back, so that's good news, he's pretty great; not sure about Trevor Sinclair and Willo Flood, Robbie Fowler is fun to watch when he's on, but that happens pretty rarely anymore, and it's too much to hope that Andy Cole will be any kind of good at all. I'm kind of looking for a new Premiership side to root for. I'd switch over to Wigan or Sunderland, but that's how I ended up rooting for Man City a few years ago when they were promoted, so what's the point? Anyway, my other clubs are: Barcelona (La Liga), Juventus (Serie A), Toluca (Liga Mexicana), Racing Club (Argentina), CSKA Moscow (Russia), Olympique Marseille (Ligue 1), and Corinthians (Brazil).

4. Oh, and I have a new one. The assistant coach on our baseball team, Andrew, is a huge fan of football (both kinds), and when we figured this out yesterday we spent the rest of the game chatting about it. He's into Bolivian teams, especially two teams, with the excellent names of The Strongest and Always Ready. I'm so there.

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