1. I don't want Karl Rove to quit. I want him to try to hold onto his job with both hands locked in a death grip. I want everyone in the administration to continue to try to support him. I want this to be a long, drawn-out process that burns everyone it touches, and keeps on burning, like when you've chopped habanero peppers and then put in your contact lenses. Please, let's not have any messy distractions like new Supreme Court justice nominations or Michael Moore statements. Just all Rove backtrack claptrap, all the time.

2. "The 4400" just keeps getting better. Betta recognize.

3. Sadly, I have come to the realization that the Brewers' recent slump is all the fault of Brady Clark's regression to the mean. I also think that Rickie Weeks may never be the superstar I want him to be, because his defense is for crap: two errors last night and another that could easily have been scored that way. Oy vey, even first-half hero Bill Hall striking out a lot more and Lyle Overbay hitting his by-now-unsurprising slump... The only Brewer who is improving is J.J. Hardy, but he really had nowhere to go but up.

4. You don't know her, but congratulate Carla C. She deserves it.

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