I might be back. Not sure yet.

Anthony Hamilton's new/old album, Soulife, already almost made me cry; "Georgie Parker" is one of the great miniatures of r&b music, and pretty damned touching for anyone who grew up in a small town and needed to get away. I love ya, Canby, and I'm glad I grew up bicycling around your streets, but we both knew I'd always leave. Doesn't mean I'll never be back though. But yeah, this is a great damned album, even though most of it is about five years old, albeit dressed up in new clothes. Julianne will love this, and Hua Hsu wrote some great liner notes for Rhino.

Other great stuff: both new albums from Puerto Rican avant-pop band Superaquello (one of which is from 2004 but now available here in the contiguous U.S. through Brilliante Records in Chicago, the other of which is just out now in PR and might be their last); new one from ska/reggae guitar legend Ernest Ranglin; new stuff from Javier Garcia and Kobol and oh hell this could go on all day.

Check out Yard Work; them dudes is crazy. Also, my good internet friend Ant has a pretty nicely done wrapup of his fave 50 songs so far this year, and I love half of them and hate the other half, but he's got funny stuff and pictures. Also, wanted to have this be a post where someone linked to both Ant and Julianne without referencing...well, let's just say "some stuff what happened a few weeks ago" and leave it alone like when Mickey Mouse tried to rock on the microphone.

Um...okay, more later. Love you all.

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