I am coaching my son's baseball team this summer. This is an endless source of amusement, at least to me; they are a weird cool group of kids, most of them very young, most of them with very little idea how to play baseball. It's coach-pitch ball, so I try to serve them up some nice fat pitches to jack, but we only have a couple of big sluggers and a bunch of singles hitters. Sammy is the youngest and the smallest of them, but he's doing pretty well with grounders and has a surprisingly good infield arm, even if he is more David Eckstein than Miguel Tejada. Anyway, we keep playing teams with like six assistant coaches and real infield drills and huge third-graders who can casually throw out a runner (a.k.a. my son Sammy) from shortstop. If we weren't the Yankees, I'd say we were the Bad News Bears. But it's still fun: everyone wants to be catcher!

Not sure I can forgive Milwaukee for firing Terry Porter just six days before the draft. If Portland hires Porter, I'm back on the Blazer bandwagon. If not, then I'm a man without a team. So sad.

I can't make my iPod icon reappear on my wife's iTunes menu, so I cannot import any more songs; blocked, at 2798, after just a week! If anyone is reading this, and has suggestions, hit me up at comments below.

Apparently, Jess is back off the blogwagon. A relieved nation breathes a little easier tonight.

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