we're a winner anyway

Okay, I'm not happy about the election, duh, that much must be clear. If you are a Bush supporter reading this -- well, first, I'd be very surprised, but secondly, good luck in the next four years. Seriously. Because we're gonna hit you hard with all the ammunition we have, and all we'd ever need: the guy you elected president.

I mean, come on, America, what are you thinking? Is it all about abortion, then? Is it because you want to go back to the times when rich people got them but didn't talk about them, and poor people got bad ones or killed themselves or had to raise babies by themselves? Do you want the U.S. to turn into Romania or Russia, all those disaffected orphanages filled with kids who will never be adopted by selfish I-got-mine-fuck-all-y'allers? WHY DO YOU WANT THE SUPREME COURT ALL UP IN MY UTERUS?

Is it all about "moral values," then? Do I really need to make a freaking list of the moral values that George W. Bush does not have and never will have and actively scorns? Do I need to repeat that you have now given this peabrain a mental mandate? I have never been so chilled to the very marrow of my bones, by that 'political capital' line he threw out at the "press conference" t'other day. He really thinks he won by a landslide. It doesn't matter, though: he was going to be like this anyway, no matter what happened. It's the way he's ruled so far. It's his messianic fervor, which you've now unleashed. Good work, sport.

So, yeah, thanks for the support for a bad war; maybe all the ribbon stickers on your car will bring everyone home alive from the hellhole we've created over in Iraq. Yeah, it was bad before, really bad. I actually would have supported Bush in his Iraq efforts if he'd been elected on the platform of "I want to free the people of Iraq from their horrible dictator." But no, too many lies, too many dead -- not just Americans either, people, Iraqi lives count too, we used to care about shit like that --, Osama bin Laden still alive, way to pump up Bush's self-esteem and make him continue to run the war in his own blind way.

Oh, and fuck you for the blank check you've written to the most anti-environmental president ever. My kids appreciate that. Thanks for the chance to really establish underfunded federally-administrated testing as the sole measure of school achievement, that's awesome, yeah. Muchas gracias for the new immigration policies, which I'm sure will reflect the "new national mood" of "go fuck yourself." Kudos on declaring war on gay people, that was a really necessary way for America to go, less-tolerant is always the right choice. (Actually, let me take the time to point out here, slowly so you can understand it, that I say these things sarcastically and ironically. Actually, I am saying the opposite of how I feel. It's a trick we smart people use. I didn't learn it at my elite Ivy League college, either; I learned it in the suburbs and farmtowns of Oregon, a mostly-rural state that went blue fairly easily, even though it can now legally discriminate against gay people. Hang your head, Beaver State, hang your fucking head.) And way to go, turning the greatest democracy on the face of the planet, the shining light to the entire world, into a freaky theocracy built on--------

Man, it's time to go listen to some Curtis Mayfield.

Sorry, I'm not very original, but I had to say it somewhere. I've been so sad lately (even before the election, long story like I said) but now it's just turned to mad, and that's a good thing I think. Anger can be power blah blah blah.

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And, as long as I'm blurting, forget my last post where I cut everything down to 21 records. They're all back on the board, including some I forgot before like Superaquello and Cachao and Inspector and some that I culled like Skye Sweetnam and Migala. It's all wide open. I'm also trying to score a copy of the new Ike Reilly Assassination album Sparkle in the Finish because I just found Salesmen and Racists for a buck at Frugal Muse and it's really effing great.

Okay, long post over. Time to make the donuts. And if you think I mean "widespread social change" by "donuts" then you're not far wrong. VIGILANCE!

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