dating up

This blog has been stale and sad lately, and needs something more than just a new background. We need a blog of new ideas, an epic blog, a blog for the armies of compassion, a blog for the ages, a blog for the troops, the blog to end all blogs.

But, in the meantime, you've come here. Here's the deal. The best blogs do a combination of original posts and links to other blogs and sites of interest. Sometimes, I've tried to do that here; sometimes, it's just all about me, what I like / don't like / do / don't do / feel / and so on. And sometimes it's just OH MY GOD I got another review posted! Wow!

But I'm bored with all these formats. I think this is going another way real soon, a much more autobiographical way and music way at the same time. I might change the name and the look and the feel altogether. Or I might just start working on my Top Ten lists for the year. Haven't decided yet.

In the meantime, check this out. It's Post Up Moves, the great new basketball group blog from me and Rob Geary and hopefully some other idiots. It's gonna be hot stuff, baby.

Okay, enuf of my yakkin'. Get ready for the new stuff as of tomorrow. Oh and don't forget little brother, The Daily Seventeen.

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