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if it's friday I must be pontificating and linking

1. We here at Haibun are very glad that Priya was not raped. Please, everyone, especially women, don't walk alone. We were mugged once in Park Slope on a Sunday morning in plain sight, and got away because we had no money because we were on our way to the ATM. Do NOT be all macha, mujeres. (We are very glad Priya met a nice boy though.)

2. We over at The Daily Seventeen are happy to have been linked to the delightful Archel. She is a very good poet and a delightful person. She's from Brighton and she lives in Brighton and that is good enough for us.

3. Much love also to Mark P, who drops our name in tasteful ways. He knows his stuff.

4. A Right Haimes FC, my fantasy Premiership team, is tanking so badly that I just added Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. I know Cisse and Drogba will give me mad goals in midseason and thereafter but I need some help, Thierry Henry has like 1009 goals already. I had him but I dropped him because he was too obvious. That's the kind of thinking that argh. I need a new code of ethics, one that doesn't mind winning every once in a while.

5. Was it sad that I was actually whooping at the Latin Grammys when my favorite acts won? Ozomatli, Tigres del Norte, Robi Draco Rosa, Skank, Paulina Rubio might have won something besides my heart for her rendition of "Perros," Cafe Tacuba.... Honestly, I don't remember if Ozo won anything, I just know they killed it onstage. I really think Street Signs will end up a top tenner for me this year, just too legit to deny the awesome power of that mothership.

6. I don't know what Ruben sang during the really weird but cool performance with Cafe Tacuba and Incubus together, but it was censored. Now I hear that George Lopez made some crack in Spanish about Bush lying and they censored that too. I really am moving, I swear to god. If you have info about these stories, because they're nowhere I can see on the Interweb, please send 'em along. Or just comment, whatever works.

7. So the wife she says to me she says "Husband, I don't know how John McCain can sleep at night," so I says to her I says "Woman, it's acause he ain't got a crisis of conscience in the first place." And you know I'm always right. Listen: here's the scenario: McCain was Intentionally Smeared in South Carolina by the Bush people. He wasn't even running. He didn't get mad because he believes in everything they say, he's the "acceptable face of Republicanism," it's all an act. McCain's always been in league with the Bushites all the way. You heard this libel here first.*

*Disclaimer: This is an obvious lie. Do not detain me, whatever functionary whose sad job it is to slog through the blogs for dangerous seditionaries. Actually I suspect that Blogspot was set up by the Patrio-------------

7. Man, I'm tired. Gotta go. More later.

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