this one's for jeff chang: american idol final 12

leah labelle
oh seattle gurlz,
if ambition was the point
you'd be number one

john stevens
yeah he has a sound,
but it's high school glee club chic,
minus all the "glee"

amy adams
if she turned it loose
we would see the lion in the
new wave sheep disguise

latoya london
somewhere all the ghosts
are waking up. this cute beast
shouts down babylon

matthew rogers
why is this dude here?
he is only this year's josh
except not a creep

camile velasco
seven years from now
she'll record a perfect song,
that's right, I said it

jennifer hudson
with aaliyah hair,
suddenly less riveting.
where'd jennifer go?

jon peter lewis
mormon unity, my friend,
at your own damn risk

jasmine trias
the ear-flower is
in danger of becoming
this year's "205"

diana degarmo
like an easter egg
with nothing inside it yet,
pleasing pastel punch

george huff
thick as tar, that voice;
but there is a bubbling spring
if you like that stuff

fantasia barrino
ev'rywhere at once
blocking all objections; pure
funky checkmate joy

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