Stash Premium Chai Green Tea. It's Friday.

a. This freelance mentalism has probably gone too far. We have a whole crapload of writers now and I'm very happy. Scott Seward probably hates me.

b. It is very possible that Terence Trent D'Arby's Vibrator is the great underrecognized classic of all time. Both "Supermodel Sandwich" and "Supermodel Sandwich w/Cheese." Deal with that.

c1. Speaking of people named Terence: I went to see the final dress rehearsal of StageQ's production of "Corpus Christi" by Terence McNally last night. I'm reviewing this for The Wisconsinite (I'd link this but it doesn't seem to work right now), so I won't go into it a lot here, but let's stretch it out a little here. It's the life and death of Jesus if he had been born gay in Texas in the modern world, except that it's not really the modern world because the centurions are still Roman, except it is because the rabbis are now intolerant Christians, but it's not because they don't kill people on the cross anymore, just in electric chairs and gas chambers and in the media and by dragging them from the back of pickups and by stomping them to death outside bars. Putting aside my critical opinions about the playwriting (bitter failed playwright that I am) and the acting (complete non-actor that I am), the suckiest thing is that this play has been targeted for MONTHS by letter-writing and phone call campaigns from Christian groups from out of town, and tonight at its premiere there will be picketers and news crews and that asshole preaching scumsucker Fred What'shisname will undoubtedly be oozing around somewhere. Here. In Madison.

c2. It's just a play.
c3. There's a lot of truth to the analogy.
c4. It's a truckload more religious and reverent in its irreverent way than Passion, as Joshua (because "Jesus" sounds too Mexican!) is a real character, especially as played by Nathan Caracter (his real name I think).
c5. It's 2004, get yr heads out of yr asses, love is love is love and doesn't need to be codified or modified or driven underground by you or your postcards or phonecalls or bias crimes or constitutional fucking amendments. Stop trying, you're just making yourself look like dinosaurs. Kids these days have "Will and Grace" and "Queer Eye" and Ellen Degeneres is their hero because she was Dory in Finding Nemo (seriously, my daughter thinks her HBO special is the funniest thing in the world), they don't hate.
c6. Multnomah County in Portland has joined the license-issuers and I could not be happier about that. It's a revolution of the heart.
c7. I need to get back to writing plays.

d. Then I came home and watched the Sheed-enhanced Pistons kick the unholy crapola out of the listless Sheed-deprived Blazers. It was sad so I turned it off and wrote this Cee-Lo review. The Cee-Lo album is up there in my mind with the others I've mentioned, as is the new Sergent Garcia and the new Clint Black and the new Tego Calderon.

e. Call someone you haven't talked to in a long time and talk to him or her for a long time. Spread love, like organic peanut butter on whole wheat bread, all over the fucking place.

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