50 things I'm thinking about
1. the rain 2. that I will never make any real money writing about music 3. that Patricia was right when she said Smokey Robinson was a liar all those years 4. how I grind my teeth 5. how I don't care anymore about authenticity in music because of ILM 6. that therefore I'm okay with liking J-Kwon's "Tipsy" 7. what a good voice my daughter has 8. how she and her friends are going to sing Hilary Duff's song about rain at their elementary school talent show, they're all going to wear raincoats and have umbrellas and choreograph a dance routine 9. that Gary Allan's videos are all wrong, especially the one for "Songs About Rain," why the hell is he in a speedboat when the song CLEARLY indicates that he's sitting in his car, and the one for "Tough Little Boys" was pretty stupid too, no offense to our servicemen but that shit is pandering 10. how I'm pretty much the only person I know who really enjoys country music 11. how happy I am that Madison has a Latino radio station now, 1480 AM "La Movida" 12. it's driving me crazy that I don't know the name of that one song they always play, the duet between the father and the daughter where he's trying to be a hard-ass in Spanish and she's all "whatever!" 13. my relationships to everyone and everything 14. man I'm hungry 15. how John Masefield and Eugene Field are underrated as poets because they liked to rhyme stuff 16. how it's been a long time since I've read my poems anywhere, maybe I should 17. I won't 18. how happy getting new CDs makes me 19. that buying them with cash so there's no paper trail is totally juvenile but absolutely necessary 20. how far behind I am on those two books I have to get done 21. how I should be working on that at 1:30 a.m. instead of writing this 22. how I don't care, I feel the responsibility to keep this up 23. not that anyone reads it 24. no offense 25. how the Keith Van Horn / Tim Thomas trade was supposed to be evidence of how brilliant Isiah Thomas is but it's not, KVH is putting up good #s for the Bucks and Thomas is spoiled 26. how I usually actually hate white NBA players unless they're from another country 27. how that's hypocritical 28. who thought up the idea of cheese? 29. who thought up the idea of circumcision? 30. how I miss everywhere I've ever been, that's kinda stupid 31. looptid 32. how I should quit reviewing, I never have time for anything anymore 33. I can't even get arrested with my pitches to the Voice anymore, too much work on weekends, etc. 34. but I am a whore for new discs so I'll never quit never never I say mwah ha hahhh 35. that was corny 36. okay moving along 37. how this blog is pretty pedestrian overall, especially compared to the stuff other people do 38. but none of those people have kids, okay maybe some 39. okay I lied in the title, I'm only thinking of 39 things 40. that's it then, going to bed now 41. okay that was 40 42. 41 43. 42 DAMN IT ALL 43 44. how if you made it this far you're a kind of hero 45. that I hope Jody Beth isn't mad at me for some stupid joke I made that wasn't even about her, oh my god how 7th grade am I, still though, you know how you say random shit and then immediately realize it could have hurt someone's feelings even though it wasn't about them at all 46. you don't know that feeling because you never say random shit like that? 47. I'm spelling "because" pretty regularly as "becuase," what's wrong with my brane 48. what's wrong with the world 49. what's wrong with typing these questions out into the void 50. no offense for calling you "the void" 51. if you're even out there

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