2004 albums so far: an ill-advised list with minor haiku notations

1. Pepito, Everything Changes

blips and bleeps and tears,
Ana and Jose cold blog
their whole lives on disc

2. Joyce & Banda Maluca, Just a Little Bit Crazy

from a woman my mom's age.
sounds like the future.

3. Allison Moorer, The Duel

screw this "country" shit,
little sis rejects her gawd
with guitars blazing

4. Kanye West, The College Dropout

the conflicted man
wandering through the South Side
with headphones pumping

5. Gingersol, Eastern

I don't like their style
I don't love their politics
but their songs kill me

6. Anne McCue, Roll

Aussie indie pop...
oh no Transformer stylee:
now Hendrix freakout!

7. Twista, Kamikaze

fastest rapper alive
loves women's badunkadunks,
hates all his hataz

8. Garrison Starr, Airstreams & Satellites

I thought I'd hate this
but instead I like it lots.
my brane is changing

9. Rasputina, Frustration Plantation

death metal, kinda,
and folkie field recordings

10. Catie Curtis, Dreaming in Romance Languages

washing the dishes
this lovely thing smacked me HARD
in response, I grinned

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