top 100 reasons that El Gran Silencio's Super Riddim Internacional Vol. 1 is the best album of the year, #'s 1-10

1. Because in a messed up year of disappointments, uncertainty, craziness both internal and external, anger, depression, and loneliness, this album was the only thing that never let me down. (Okay fine some of my friends and some of my family too, you got me. But the earlier statement stands.)

2. Because in a great year of wonder and joy and happiness and love and hope, this record was a perfect soundtrack to my life.

3. Because inside the CD they promised that Super Riddim Internacional, Vol. 2 would be coming in Octubre 2003 and it gave me breathless months of anticipation to look forward to.

4. Because when the damn thing didn't come out, I felt really really disappointed, and that told me something. I'm still holding a spot on my top ten for it in case it somehow just SHOWS UP on my doorstep.

5. Because it reminded me that guitars were okay things to have and use and enjoy, especially when teamed with accordions.

6. Because it provides the exception to the rule that Third Albums Always Seem Like They Should Rule But Never Do. (I'll explain this later sometime.) (Actually, Super Furry Animals, whose Phantom Power is almost as good, also disproved this with Guerrilla. Hmmm.)

7. Because when every hip-hop and reggae producer in the world was geeking out over diwaali beats, EGS hit it and quit it on "El Espejo," confining it to a little tiny part of the song and therefore making it work rather than making it the entire focus and running the risk of it sounding like total ass in a few months when everyone's all jacking Inuit snowshoe samples or some shit like that.

8. Because it sounds A LOT like the stuff being pumped all over L.A. Mexican radio stations, which sound good while you're being held up in traffic on the 405 in your brother-in-law's car in 98 degree weather, except BETTER. So you end up cursing your (absent) brother-in-law for not loaning you his really freakin' nice SUV for your business trip instead of his wife's car, which is nice enough but you left the CD in his car. EGS is like other cumbia groups but on steroids that actually make your genitals grow rather than shrink.

9. Because, the night before that, this record sounded like the best thing in the world while you and your brother-in-law (by which I mean me and my brother-in-law) go driving around with the stereo shredding the valley, while the bass pounds its way into your solar plexus and he looks at you and goes, "Fuckin A, this is excellent," and he's right, and you both know it.

10. Because the Cee-Lo record isn't out till January 2004.

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