okay what does it mean if someone used to link to you and now they don't anymore? and if you cannot actually think of anything wrong or bad you did? does that mean that you (by which I mean me, natch) are a boring bad person who's no longer linkworthy? [this post edited]

and okay what does it mean that the PopMatters Best of 2003 fills me with dread at its whiteness and ookiness, and yet I still continue to write for them and love them and feel like it's one of the best sites in the world?

and okay what does it mean that I've been obsessed by my top 10 lists all year and now I'm just bored by them, and by music criticism in general, and my own tastes and limitations, but I still love getting free shit too much, and then I get nice emails from musicians like the great Jose Marquez (damn I gotta figure out how to do diacritical marks if I'm gonna write about music) from Pepito, whose album Migrante should have stayed on my 2002 list for shizzy but I dropped it inexplicably...

...and okay what's up with how I always feel like I screwed up my lists the next year? last year, I had Common, Blackalicious, Stew, Tabla Beat Science, Jaguar Wright, Stella Chiweshe, Gomez, Cee-Lo, Buffalo Daughter, and Trio Mocoto. Actually, that's a pretty good damned list. Never mind.

and okay what's up with Manu Ginobli suddenly deciding that he should be the Spurs' fourth weapon? The LaRue Martins are slipping bad in the fantasy league, thanks to him. We're still first though, so I'm not worried. I am kind of curious to see what Shep thinks of this article on the 'Sheed, though.

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