poemism I: "for mack, kinda"

he tried very hard in his opinion
but the judge she did not agree
public defender without real hair sweating
called everyone he could but nothing
could erase the smirk of the ADA

so went to the ethan allen school for boys
and learned how to do penance pushups
had him in a group for substance abusers
he ripped through the steps like no tomorrow
at least he is vigorous said his evaluator

ten months later got a probation officer
his grandmother kissing him, cousins laughing
back at LaFollette High people leave him alone
his caseworker is pretty cool
plays chess with him after school

one night has to go down to The Hole
not to buy that rock but to get his cousin out
sees Markie B, oh shit, Markie B
beatdown is swift and brutal like life
he learns truly about the unfairness of the great wheel

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