Anthony Miccio does something I always used to love to do: make up a fake band and then make up fake songs for the fake band's fake albums. In fact, a real band was formed out of me doing that with my high school buddy Jim Titus; our fake punk band Blood Pudding turned into a real punk band called Blood Pudding when I was still out east and Jim got out of the Army. It later turned into the Portland roots band the Range Pigs and now I think Mellotone but maybe not. Anyway, this is always the fun thing. I think I'll get me some of that.

Band: Aw Yeah!
Genre: Religious Country Boy-Band
Album: The Skirtwhirl Projektt
1. "Throw Your Hands in the Air (And Wave 'Em Like You're Sayin' a Prayer)"
2. "One Set of Footprints"
3. "I Don't Care If I'm Fashionable"
4. "Satan Gives Me the Heebie-Jeebies"
5. "Hayride Honey"
6. "It's Okay If You Don't Wanna Shake It"
7. "Ninjas for the Lord"
8. "The Message Song (Soap Operas Ain't Like Life)"
9. "Don't Kick the Messenger"
10. "Join Hands for the Little Girl Lost in the Woods"
11. "You're Real, and You're Real Cute"
12. "Dinosaurs, Big Bangs, and Other Bad Jokes"
13. "Hayride Honey (Timbaland Bluegrass Dance Mix)"

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