briefism II
a. There are no defects in the movie Elf as far as I can see.
b. I just bought the Franky Perez album Poor Man's Son for $5.90, and I am astounded that I have never heard of this record, as it is really quite wonderful. Sure, he's a crazy lockstep conservative Cuban dude, but the songs are strong.
c. The first song on that record is about moving to Hollywood to try to be a star, which is very much like Los Lonely Boys' song "Hollywood," which makes two different Latin/American albums to feature this as a metaphor for American aspiration. So how come Antonio Banderas, from Spain, is the biggest Latino actor?
d. It is my brother's birthday, so rawk to him. He's a great guy.
e. I am down at the computer waiting for Sam to fall asleep so Liza can come downstairs so we can watch the rest of the "Alias" tape. It's 11:30. There goes another Sunday night.
f. I recommend the movie Laurel Canyon, but not because of its sparkling dialogue or clever plot. Mostly, it's the acting (Frances McDormand can do no wrong, although someone should have asked Christian Bale to turn it down a notch), and the pretty people (Alessandro Nivola is a dead ringer for Liam Gallagher, Kate Beckinsale has the best teeth since 50 Cent), and some other stuff I shouldn't talk about.
g. I don't know who the hell is reading this thing. Please email me so I know who you all are. Or not. It's all good.
h. blah blah some other stuff

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