Wow that resolution to write every day sure didn't work out very well now did it?

More jazz reviews: here and here. I am a lot more interested in reviewing jazz now than any kind of indie rock. I know I should say that this is because I am old, but I think it's just that indie rock is stupid and boring. I was watching "Saturday Night Live" last night and the Shins were on and JEEXUS H. CRISTO WERE THEY BORING. Much more compelling to Watch me lapse further into irrelevancy...live! right here!

But at least I'm wasting my life because I don't have an MBA, or a master's, or a Ph.D. I heard this yesterday from a certain family member who shall remain nameless. Okay, it was my father. He thinks I should take night classes or something. I tried to argue that I enjoy spending time with my children and wife. He thinks I am a big pussy* who is squandering my enormous intellect and massive potential. OH I'LL SHOW HIM I'LL WRITE MY NOVEL AND PUBLISH MY BOOKS AND MAKE A MILLION BUCKS AND THEN HE'LL SEE THEY'LL ALL SEE.

Haha if he only knew.

*Not his words. But pretty clearly.

Lazy on Sunday
Soon the world will all explode
Better dance and sing

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