quick hit thursday

ITEM: Around our place, we're totally already rooting for Denise Jackson on "American Idol" -- Madison LaFollette High School REPRESENT!

ITEM: Apparently, David Raposa is blogging again. I can't find it anywhere. Hints? UPDATE: It is here.

ITEM: The new season of "24" is boring me so far, even though Jack bit a dude to death in the neck and then shot Curtis (horrible inexplicable personality change for the C-man, poorly timed too) and then Valencia got itself blowed up. Chloe's husband is a nothing, although that's the way I feel about Mary-Lynn Rajskub after she said Rush Limbaugh was "brilliant and hilarious." Plus there was no reason for them to give a pardon to that one dude, he was cooperating anyway. Argh. I'll probably still watch it until it gets good again mid-season like last year. A little Grand Guignol goes a long way, but if we hadn't had Jean Smart going nutso last year I woulda been out of there by Episode 7.

ITEM: In other news, Elia Aboumrad rocks a whole lot, especially with a shaven head. I'm not sure why she didn't come in and kick Cliff's wrasslin' ass off of Marcel, but I'm sure she had her reasons, like trying to figure out why she had just shaven her damned head.

ITEM: This website is very very funny.

dammit gotta go more later, including some stern words for a former student

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