Okay, so the 33 1/3 book series is taking more pitches. I have chosen the album that I'm pitching. Since I don't know who's reading this thing, I'll rely on you to comment on this entry by telling me the answer to the following questions three:

a) what album do you think I'm pitching? (make sure to read the linked post, rules apply)*
b) what album you would LIKE to see me pitch
c) what album would you write about if you could

Come on, I haven't had any comments yet and it's getting depressing

*If you have received emails from me about this you are disqualified, but leave comments anyway.


John C. said...

no comments b/c some of us didn't know you were blogging again and had to find out from rodney j. greene!

Zeth said...

your rules have rendered me disqualified. that said, I'm wicked psyched to find out your final pick.