I picked up a re-issue of this album this weekend for $9.99. It is the greatest album in the history of the world. REASONS:

1. The excellent "Maybelline" rip-off "Ride On Josephine," virtually a note-for-note job except for Bo's anguished cries and one-sided conversation with the title chick: "You say what kinda car I'm driving? Well...uhh...I'm-a...I'm drivin' a '48 Cadillac with Thunderbird wings / Tellin' you baby it's a runnin' thing".

2. The Bo-icized remake of "Sixteen Tons," the song that he had refused to do on "The Ed Sullivan Show" (choosing this song instead, natch) a couple of years before, getting himself blackballed forever from the old cadaver's showcase. Not sure why ol' Bo did that, because this coulda shoulda been a huge hit.

3. Even besides that one, there are least three other cowpoke tunes here, including the title track and the Coasters-ish "Whoa Mule (Shine)" where Bo gets sassed by a donkey.

4. "Cadillac" is the fiercest spelling bee on record.

5. "Doing the Crawdaddy" might be the first dance-instruction song where the dancers are taunted by the lead singer: "I don't think you can do it!"

6. Country-ass tango version of "Prisoner of Love." Nuff said there.

7. There is a bonus track called "Googlia Moo" that is actually better than its title might indicate. His girlfriend looks like she comes from a zoo, kids clown her in the street, she can't dance, and all she can say is the title phrase. He loves her anyway. WTF moments abound in Bo's repetoire but this kills 'em all.

8. On another bonus track, "Working Man," Bo actually brags about how well he uses his sledgehammer while everyone repeatedly goes OOOF! in the background; "I'm a man / Amongst men." Gee I wonder why this wasn't on the original album in 1960 no sah. Elsewhere, he brags about how he's not a plumber but he can thread that pipe, and something about not being a butcher but, y'know, being good at cutting meat. Unsubtle. Tough.

9. He gleefully snags a whole chunk of "Over the Rainbow" and repurposes it like a natural man.

10. There is an instrumental called "Diddling." GAME SET MATCH, BITCHES.

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