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tiny little snow
settles down all over Earth
far as I can see

Maybe it's because I'm not sleeping much or something, but last night I burst into tears watching the video for John Legend's song "Ordinary People." The video, directed by King Kanye I, is pretty heart-breaking, with all the unhappy fighting people who manage to solve their problems by means of ellipsis; brilliant use of black and white cinematography; it's lovely.

But the SONG, oh my GOD, the song is genius. Lovely for being what it is: an open-heart piano ballad with strings. Spiritual for John Legend's voice and lyrics. Ballsy for quoting Sir Stevie on ONE NOTE at the end. Perfect for the theme, we're all working as hard as we can, we all need a little ghetto heaven sometimes, life friends is hard / we must not say so, I find no fault in this just man. Words fail me now. They won't for long.

I came upstairs and told my wife that I had been crying watching a video. You could hear her eyes rolling back into her head. Still, though, I stand by my judgment that this is one of the songs of my life.

warming up the car
melody comes sneaking up
and blindsides me: POW


jake said...


Thanks for the note. I am in awe of your blendage of commentary, musicometry, and haiku. Sounds like you are having fun. I went to law school for environmental law, have worked with Indian tribes for close to 15 years now on environmental/rights issues, and now work for a regional conservation organization (www.ecotrust.org) directing exactly that type of program. Two boys, seven and four, more than ten years hitched to girl of my dreams, etc., blah, et al. Mostly good clean fun. Never meant to be in blog land, just threw something up in order to mess with some college friends that are bloggers.

Had lunch today with a great college friend who you would love--genius, independent, lesbian, business savvy, now rock promoter/instigator/raconteur of the queercoreblitz tour and several of those bands. She is in NYC, but was just visiting here in P-town. Given your rock royalty status I should suggest she get on this blog or track your writing.

Go hear the Decemberists if they come your way. Am seeing Luna, who I have always liked in an art rock way, here on thursday.

Yasir said...

Get Lifted is a great album; not sure it deserves all the hype but is very good. And I agree with Joke, The Decemberist's latest LP is interesting; though not as much as Of Montreal: check out The Sunlandic Twins...

Al Shipley said...

"Ordinary People" hit me hard the first few times I heard it, because it stands out so much on the radio, more for the arrangement than the song; even Alicia Keys needs drums to get a piano ballad on urban radio. I think they kinda dropped the ball on the video, though. Having the dialogue audible (as opposed to if they'd just shown people arguing) really takes me out of the song, and the added strings don't do it any favors either.

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