that cereal that's all like a whole bunch of cereals mixed up

wow it's very cold
my hands are like two cracked claws
santa claws! *sorry*

walking around woodman's market, the monster warehouse of food, at 7 p.m., trick daddy's thug matrimony: married to the streets on my big fat koss headphones looking like a 100% herb but i don't care, trying to lose these holiday- and sadd-related blues

i was afraid of this album, worried that i'd love it because others that i respect have praised it so highly, worried that it'd bump something else off the charts, didn't want to love it, afraid of commitment, the fear of being eaten by a sandwich

but i had to go out to the market anyway, no food in the damn house because we had no damn stove and still have no damn microwave, no kitchen sink, washing all the dishes in the bathroom, dishpan hands like a bastard, so whipping through the freezing wisconsin dusk on the second-shortest day of the year, stopping by exclusive co. where they have the album for $9.99, it's a no-brainer

and it's soul on a biscuit, it's ham hocks in my cereal, it's the feeling i get when i look to the south, the gangsterisme goes with the social critique like chocolate and peanut butter, the sexxx traxxx give equal time to ladies too, at least "j.o.d.d." the chorus of which has trick and khia talking all nasty to each other like the elton john and kiki dee of modern times

i pick out organic tomato paste and organic free-range eggs and vegan veggie burgers (no cheese, that's why) and ice cream for the kids and sorbet for us, razor blades and dish soap, hummus and soup, comfort food in cold miser's paradise

and daddy collaborating with t.i., young jeezy, kase 1, twista, lil' jon, luda, cee-lo, jazzy phizzle, smoke, money mark, khia i already said, tampa tony with the busted-out crackish flow, ron isley, dirt bag (new best name in the game), trey songz (new worst name in the game), trina, ying yang twins, deuce komradz

and the snow and ice that has adhered to my heart over the last few days, it was BAD dudez and dudettes, i didn't wanna address xmas cards or anything -- well, that's all gone, all melted away, thanks to the vagaries of my emotional and mental cyclature, and finally having some food to eat, and trick daddy his own damn self

and the checker says 'this is the healthiest cart i've seen' and i jump up on the table and scream YOU HAVE NO IDEA

pull into driveway
walk into warm house with food
greeted at the door

P.S. I forgot to mention that NATE PATRIN is back and better than ever. So is I before E except after C and in KEITH HARRIS.

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