oh my god it's BACK

hey brethren & sistren

just saying hello how are ya happy Hanukkah

check out PopMatters, they have a top 100 list to which I contribute essays on #82 and #51, they were the only records on the list for which I voted, ugh the list makes me a little nauseous. they've also posted several of my reviews lately, including Anastacia Azevedo and Don Byron

picked up two records yesterday that might be on my top ten list: Xzibit's Weapons of Mass Destruction is really great, I just like X, he's a good cat, the record has some really great Bush-burns and the only "let's look at this war from the point of view of an Iraqi kid" verse I've heard, heartbreaking, of course there's some club stuff on there too, $9.98 at Target. Also, the soundtrack to the Indian movie Zameer, 75 minutes of awesome 2004 Bollywood production for $2.99 at the Maharaja Market as I was waiting to pick up my takeout order from the restaurant next door. The movie is apparently about an egotistic hottie who tries to break up her professor and his paralyzed girlfriend. Oh man.

we been gone because I was ostensibly writing my novel, it's begun but not too far yet, thought I'd jump back in this thing because I missed you all. I'm just a little tiny ungreased cog in the blogosphere but I like so many of the other things out there. you should really check out some deals I've been reading lately: Scott Seward, my partner in crime over at TFM, has a blog now! and it's called Metal Fury! hooray!

Also: the Seaworthy Southeast Thesaurus is hellafied dope, maybe I'll get to meet its author when I trip down to Chi in a couple of weeks. Also, I love the Poptext, Abby is an angel with a sword, all the good ones are.

love to you all whereever you are. I have to get some comments up on this thing so I'm abandoning my template, it inhibits comments somehow, whatever.

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be sure to pop in on the chicago thread and keep us updated on your trip! Or just tell me, whatever. -teeny