gonna eat me some vegan crab cakes

Off to Baltimore for a few days. Hopefully I can link up with Al from Gov't Names, and maybe if his plans fall thru I'll be partying with Tom B. too. Rock over Charm City!

Here is a website you won't ever forget: Falluja in Pictures. In fact, if you ever want to sleep again, you might not want to click the link at all. I thought I didn't pray anymore until I saw this; suddenly, I began to wish fervently for my good old belief in God so I could petition Him with prayer. (Or Hyr.) BUT YOU CANNOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PEH-RAY-YUR.

In other depressing news: The Redlist of 2004's endangered animals & plants is out. Also, Margaret Hassan has been confirmed as dead. I don't have a lot of heroes but she has become one.

I have been beseiged lately with CDs from Sao Paulo musicians, courtesy of my review of this great Cris Aflalo album. Of these, Luiz Gayotto and Axial's records seem destined for my year-end lists, and Vanessa Bumagny's and Cris's record are only disqualified because they are technically 2003 releases. Actually, though...I might cheat. Would anyone know, or care, if I put 2003 records on a 2004 list? Would anyone know, or care, if I never reviewed or listened to anything but hip-hop and Latin music ever again?

I'm thinking of starting a website where I only review Latin stuff. Email me and tell me to do this or to not do this.

Actually, email me anyway. Comments might be back up soon, but I'll include the best email stuff in my posts.

But don't expect any for a few days. Gotta make that cheese. Make sure you read PostUpMoves for all your NBA needs. VIVA LUOL DENG!

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