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Learning how to write in the blogosfeare, we [not the royal we but rather the collective, recent events having convinced us to remain in first-person plural as if afflicted/gifted with the multiple personality syndrome] now know some stuff. Like you're supposed to link to stuff you like in an offhanded way. Or to discuss when a certain person has written his masterpiece. Or to nourish and flourish your interest in and knowledge of some relatively obscure subject. Or maybe just to say heyhihello to the growing number of people who stop by.

Confidential to Mark D. of Minnesota: Thanks for asking, but it was all so sudden that we had no idea what was happening until it was over. We found out, and before we knew anything (or before really almost any of us had the chance to visit him), it was over. Devastating. The funeral is Tuesday. I almost lost it over a card my wife bought at Target yesterday.

Confidential to Anne-Marie D. of Oregon: Chelsea is going to beat Arsenal this year. Unless they don't.

Confidential to Al of Canada/Baltimore/wherever the hell you are: It's a really great album, actually, much housed-up by Masters at Work, spunkier, lighter, geekier. I'll review it somewhere, sometime.

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