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Quickly quickly moving lightly

A. Once again Mr. Caleb Crain must be paid attention to. I love that even when Caleb is full of shit, at least he admits it up front, and then proceeds to invent some stuff that is all like blowing my MIND: "In their affect, rock songs are composed of loss, fight, and sugar." I remember the day Caleb tried to get us all excited about Electronic and we wouldn't bite; I also remember the night we taught Craig Ewington to vogue. Highland Ave WHAT! Get Whitey WHAT!

Sun is up it's burning brightly

B. I really admire the folks at Freaky Trigger a lot, especially their NYLPM subsection, cause it's always good, and their T.M.F.D. and Do You See? subsections, because I've started writing for them. Or at least I will soon. Anyone who doesn't underestimate the power of cheese is okay in my book.

Everybody praying nightly

C. The other blog alluded to earlier (and now below) is The Daily Seventeen. Here I will post a haiku every day from now until I don't. Sometimes it will be a senryu, don't be mad about that. After a while I might accept guest submissions. Or maybe I won't. Trying to keep it simple you know.

Future looking so unsightly

D. The secretive project alluded to earlier (and now also below): still secret. Oh mama.

Get yr stuff together tightly

E. Apparently a review I once wrote has been translated into Swedish Chef. Enjoy. Not sure if I'm loving the new one as much, but you have to kind of love a record that begins "Oh, no, what can we do / Daddy lost his head in a coup", don't ya? Just a little?

Check your hair it looks a frightly

F. Music-critic is suddenly publishing like millions of my reviews: L.Lynn, Heart, Jonny Greenwood. Apparently I just like every single record now.

See them rabbits skip so sprightly

G. "Football, it is sometimes said, is a cruel mistress. She ties us to the bed, puts clamps on our nipples and spanks us with wooden paddles. She chains us to the wall and thrashes us with a leather whip." John Nicholson, again proving that not all Middleborough fans are, well, Middleborough-ish.

Conspirators let's indictly

H. Ooh, Anne-Marie, look: Olympic drama. Why should he get to keep that medal anyway, if he didn't earn it?

Not all things are black and whitely

I. I love how suddenly Scott McLellen seems to be all FOR campaign finance reform. Except he's not, so I don't love the reality, just the perception. And I definitely hate how he's trying to tie the Kerry campaign into these so called "shadowy groups" when it was the Bush campaign's own shadowy groups themselves that went and got caught out like Watergate plumbers.

Spread yourself and soar all kitely

J. I sincerely want to move to another country and I'm taking suggestions. Comment or email me, best suggestion might win.

Quickly quickly moving lightly

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