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1.  Okay what the holy hell. What exactly happened here? Why does Portland continue to break my heart, basketball-wise? (In other regards, not so much.) I'm guessing that the Rose Garden is built on a Native American burial ground.

2.  Busted! It's a real-life Notting Hill adventure. HG's inamorata is the British ex-wife of one of India's top cricketers. She doesn't look very Indian.

3.  Um, duh. I guess now is a good time to reaffirm that I am vegan (although I cheat sometimes), definitely vegetarian, and that people who accuse PETA of being wild-eyed fanatics and/or Nazis and/or 'taking away our rights' are, themselves, being assholes and scoring convenience points at the expense of their karma. Sorry if this means you. If you want to eat meat, just eat it and stop complaining about the people who want you to examine that impulse; you've got 90% of everything on your side anyway.

4.  A lot of people were waiting for this, I guess, and that's the way the game is played; you talk shit, you get shit in return. It would have been better if things had remained literary, but c'est le guerre; apparently, the Revenge store was out of horse-whips and duelling pistols. Watch someone get shot out of this ish.

5.  Did you see Juan Pablo Sorin's header for the third goal in this game? Probably not, but it was wicked. Looks to me like it's going to be Argentina vs. Brasil in the final for the Copa America, but Uruguay could surprise if Brasil lets down. The games are being shown on Univision, which I get, and Telefutura, which I don't. I love S.A. futbol, much more physical, fewer flops*, mad skills.

*Although that first goal in that last Brasilian game should never have been allowed, that was puro mierde de vaca.

6.  I get it, people, and will comply: No more poetry.

7.  Oh, and ew.

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